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Covenant Book by Roland Pletts

This book tells about the return of Jesus in His Glory to bring reconciliation and judgment to the nations and to establish His Kingdom. It shows how He will Confirm the Covenant and save the world. It looks at aspects of Biblical prophecy from a Jewish view point. It considers Hebrew concepts of our Lord's Coming such as "Clouds of Glory", the restoration of Israel, the salvation of the "remnant", the "One New Man in Christ", the reality of the "Lord's Presence" and the enduring, unchanging Covenant the Lord established with His people.

It describes the coming Glory of the End Times and explains how the Lord will Confirm the Covenant He made 2000 years ago. If you are searching for understanding of present world events such as the role of Israel, the financial shaking, the "mark" of Revelation, the Prophetic Feasts, the coming Kingdom and much more then this book will be of interest to you.

This Covenant of Glory book by Roland Pletts can be downloaded in PDF format here, or ordered in paperback format through this publisher: